About Studio G

Studio G Interiors was founded in 2009 by Goretta Fegan, who has built up a loyal client base through offering more than just Interior Design. After graduating with a BA (Hons) Interior Design and working as a designer with leading companies, Goretta went on to complete a HNC in Construction that allow her to assist clients with a wider range of services required when building or remodelling their home. Each project is designed uniquely to suit each client, using a large range of suppliers for the finest fabrics, wall coverings and individual furniture pieces from across Europe, it gives clients the tailored design they seek and has formed the company's design ethos:

'Connect with the client, to create a style that's personal, not to follow trends which will date, but rather create an individual design that is timeless.
It's about evoking an emotional response, and creating a synergy between the space and those who inhabit it.'

What We Do

With extensive experience in designing bespoke furniture, Goretta works alongside a highly skilled team to design every element within the clients' home, from the custom built kitchen to tailored dressing rooms, each getting their own stamp of precision.

Each project is completed with an effortless marriage of design and functionality, using only the finest materials and ensuring that the design will capture the spirit of the client, and the essence of the space.

The Process

After an initial consultation, we complete a design brief of the work required, and gather an insight into what our client is truly after. We then complete a concept scheme which enables our clients to explore all the design variants and, if necessary, make tweaks as we go along.

Once the final design scheme has been agreed, we provide a complete design service for our customers, from conception to completion, either by providing a team of subcontractor, or working closely with your design team to complete on time, and on budget.

3D Visuals

Studio G Interiors realise it can be difficult to visualise a concept and understand how it comes together within your space and in order to give clients a clear picture, we can offer a range of 3D visual packages to make your interiors come to life. This enables you to experience a 'virtual walk around' and understand the scale, layout and feel of your space before we move it to the next stage of physically creating your dream home.